Baby's First Christmas Dinner Recipes and Nutritional Information

Baby's first Christmas is a special moment to cherish forever so our goal is to keep them happy, especially at meal time. If your baby is between 6-12 months and has been introduced to solid foods already then continue reading to find recipes and nutritional guidelines to help create a festive Christmas dinner your baby will drool over (not just teething drool!).

Must Have Baby Gifts this Holiday Season

If you're looking for a unique yet practical baby gift this holiday season, check out my Top 8 Must Have List. Gift ideas include educational toys, one-of-a-kind clothing and cherished keepsakes.

Baby Charm Blanket Photoshoot

Wee & Charming recently had the pleasure of working with Urban Bent Studio on the first Baby Charm Blanket photoshoot, a unique gift and keepsake for recording special milestones. Involving 3 babies, this was no ordinary photoshoot!