Recipe Ideas for Baby's Christmas Dinner

The holidays are almost here and while you are planning the dinner menu you can also decide what delicious and nutritious dishes to make for your baby at the same time. If your baby is 6+ months and has been introduced to solid foods already then check out these recipe ideas and nutritional guidelines to help create a wonderful Christmas feast.

Safety Gear for Baby's First Swim

Safety Gear for Baby's First Swim

Swimming is a life skill and there are many beneficial reasons why we should introduce our wee ones to water early. Knowing your baby or toddler is safe when at the pool, dock or out in a boat this summer will give you peace of mind and maximize your family's enjoyment. Check out the following swimming safety gear to consider what you might need this season and have fun in the water!


Daylight Saving Sleep Tips for Babies and Children

Daylight saving is just around the corner and we will soon get to relish in the longer days of sunshine. It can be hard though on parents when switching their kids to the new sleep schedule. With insight from a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, this post provides tips and advice on how to best transition your child and keep a consistent routine.