Wee & Charming recently had the pleasure of working with Urban Bent Studio on the first Baby Charm Blanket photoshoot, a unique gift and keepsake for recording special milestones. Involving 3 babies, this was no ordinary photoshoot! These little cuties were between 6-8 months of age so they could sit up fairly well on their own, were happy to be around other babies and a clicking camera and most importantly, couldn't crawl away from us. It turns out this is an ideal age if you require a baby to be posed with your product.

Whether you are doing a business or family photoshoot, the following advice will hold true for both when photographing babies:

  • If the background is vibrant and busy, dress your baby in solid neutral colours and use minimal props.
  • If the background is simple, feel free to take more creative liberties with baby's outfit.
  • Come prepared to the photoshoot with a list of all the shots you want to achieve and have any set-up done early.
  • Communicate clearly with the photographer exactly what your expectations are. Once the babies are onsite and ready, things need to move quickly since these wee ones have their own schedules.

Christine, owner and photographer of Urban Bent Studio, shares these additional tips and tricks:

  • Plan your outfits. Remember to coordinate colours with other family members.
  • Get plenty of rest. A good night sleep or nap goes a long way.
  • Bring meaningful items you would like to incorporate into your session.
  • Arrive early. Allow for extra time to get acquainted and warm up before the session.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos from the Baby Charm Blanket photoshoot. The Bedtime Owls, Happy Whales, and Sunny Jungle blanket packages make wonderful baby gifts for new parents. The final photos will be posted shortly on our Website and Facebook page so be sure to check them out!

Baby Charm Blanket Photoshoot

Baby Charm Blanket Photoshoot