Every year our family travels at Christmas time. We load up the car and head west while assuring our children that Santa will know where to find us. It's a lot to think about—packing all the presents and paraphernalia—especially when you have a precious gift of a new baby. My goal here is to make your life a wee bit easier during this crazy time by providing my well-worn Holiday Packing Checklist. For other family trips throughout the year just omit the Christmas items and pack the proper seasonal clothing. 

☐ Clothes
☐ Pajamas
☐ Socks, underwear, bras
☐ Special holiday clothes/outfits
☐ Warm coats, mitts, hats, boots
☐ Casual and fancy shoes
☐ Swimsuits and towels
☐ Sunglasses
☐ Prescription glasses/contact lenses
☐ Jewelry
☐ Toothbrushes and toothpaste
☐ Hairbrushes
☐ Shampoo, conditioner, styling products
☐ Face soap and moisturizer
☐ Makeup
☐ Tampons/pads
☐ Deodorant
☐ Adult and children’s Advil/Tylenol
☐ Topical antibiotic ointment
☐ Thermometer
☐ Pantry food items
☐ Perishable food from fridge
☐ Christmas baking
☐ Christmas presents
☐ Ribbons and bows to add to presents after travel
☐ Sleds/toboggans
☐ Skates
☐ Camera and battery charger
☐ iPad/iPod and cords
☐ Travel games and magazines for car
☐ Purse/wallet/cell phone and cord

Baby Items:

☐ Playpen/bassinette
☐ Bedding
☐ Baby monitor
☐ Soothers
☐ Noise machine
☐ Sleep sac/swaddle/blankie for bedtime
☐ Diapers and wipes
☐ Travel changing pad
☐ Hand sanitizer
☐ Diaper cream
☐ Baby shampoo
☐ Portable highchair
☐ Sippy cup, spoons, bibs
☐ Breast pump
☐ Bottles/formula
☐ A few meals of baby food in jars or homemade from freezer
☐ Baby snacks
☐ Stroller/carrier
☐ Receiving blankets
☐ Baby’s favourite toy

Holiday Travel with Baby

Keeping a Packing Checklist handy that's tailored to your family is a very smart idea. Every time you travel you won't have the added stress of thinking of all the items you need to pack. 

1) Take this one above and add/delete items that are specific for you.
2) Save a copy on your computer or cell phone.
3) Print a copy and stash it away in your closet or luggage for quick reference the next time you start packing for a trip.