Haircut Wee CharmThe Wee Charm for first haircut was not one I ever got to attach to my Baby Charm Blankets—my babies were bald in their first year, with only a few blonde whiffs of hair. In fact, I believe my daughter was 3 before she needed her first haircut. It’s a big moment though when that time comes, so whether she’s 6 months or 3 years old, remember to document it and keep a lock of that precious baby hair as part of the memory.

Some babies are born with a full head of hair (I have heard about this). That thick hair could come out looking perfectly coiffed but more often than not it’ll be an adorable hot mess. Put down the scissors! It is normal for babies to shed a lot of hair in the first 6 months so don’t rush to give her a trim. This phase, called telogen, is usually followed quickly by new hair growth.

*And a quick note for all you postpartum mommas, it’s normal for us to shed a lot more hair too (usually beginning anywhere between 1-5 months after childbirth). You’re not going bald, it’s all hormone related.

Another reason to wait a few more months before giving that first haircut is because once your baby’s hair starts to grow back in it could be very different than her newborn locks. The colour and texture can change so wait and see how it naturally develops before picking the scissors back up or calling the salon.

Baby's First Haircut

Other tips for baby's first haircut:

  • It will be safer and easier on everyone if your baby can sit up on her own (5-6 months) or at the very least hold her own head up (3+ months).
  • Have an extra adult around if you decide to cut your baby’s hair at home. This friend can help hold your baby still, distract her, and keep the scissors out of reach.
  • Pick a calm, happy moment of your baby’s day to cut her hair. If she’s cranky or tired when you’ve planned the activity, postpone it for a little while.
  • Electric clippers can be scary for your baby. Whether at a salon or at home, ensure this process goes slowly and gently. And have some effective distraction techniques ready!
  • After your baby’s haircut is finished, give her warm bath to wash away any tickly bits of hair that have fallen down her neck.

When to give your baby her first haircut is up to you, the parent. Like a first swim or first snow, your wee one might shriek for joy or scream in terror, you never know. Wishing you smooth clippings… and remember to document this special first milestone!