Hello Wee & Charming family! This is the debut blog post from our new company that's committed to helping parents cherish baby's first moments, big and small. My hope is that this blog will form a collection of informative, supportive and entertaining articles on all things 'baby'.

As an extremely sentimental mom, I'm interested in any product or activity that will help me preserve the memories of my babies (who are now 4 and 6 but I'll always call them my babies- they're ok with this for now). I've taken about 10,000 photographs, created photo books for each year and family trip, recorded all the funny things they've said, framed their little footprints and handprints, kept clips of their hair, first lost teeth, and special clothing and toys. I sound pretty good so far right?

Where I failed is in recording the first moments of my second child. I'm sure I'm not alone here. New parents are just so caught up in trying to feel (and look) sane, really, and then you throw one or two toddlers into the mix... forget about it. I had one of those 40 page essay type baby memory books for my second and it quickly turned into a dreaded task looming over my head. I wanted to grab a pen and crack it open almost as much as I wanted to call my internet provider to discuss our rates. So every few months I'd feel guilt as I tried to recall exactly how old my son was when he laughed for the first time, ate solid food, and attended his first playgroup. 

This is why the Baby Charm Blanket was created! It's quick, simple, and a fun way for parents to record the special milestones in their baby's first year. It features a calendar border that opens along the edge with hook and loop fasteners on the inside to attach the Wee Charm milestone ribbons.

Each Wee Charm features a word or phrase of a special first moment and vibrant colours and patterns to choose from. Parents simply pull apart the front and back material at the edge of the Baby Charm Blanket, line up the Wee Charms with the blanket calendar using the hook and loop fasteners, press the edges securely closed and feel proud of your incredible baby!

It's that easy. No parent needs to harbour the guilt of a blank baby memory book again! This is the dream of Wee & Charming. I have since pulled out the patchy records for my second child and recreated a complete first year account of his special moments with a Baby Charm Blanket. It's hanging on his bedroom wall, and I feel much more complete.


1 THOUGHTS ON “The Best New Way to Record Baby's Milestones”

by Jane Culverwell

This baby charm blanket is a great idea, Maggie. All of your designs are “charming”, in both the blankets and the ribbons. Any one of these blankets will look lovely hanging on the nursery wall, if and when the baby is willing to let it go.