It's a wonderful moment to watch your baby experience snow for the first time. My little ones were both mesmerized with their first snow—rosy cheeks and big round eyes intently following each delicate flake fall. It was a significant milestone I'll never forget, and as a Canadian it was a big relief to see them enchanted with the cold white stuff and not horrified.

If you currently live in Canada or eastern USA, you know cold and how tricky and bothersome it can be to get your baby outside in our winter climate. I would be happy to open my front door and unapologetically announce "Today we're staying inside!". But we shouldn't let some snow, frost and wind keep us cooped up—get outside and live life to the fullest with your baby! With the right gear you can tackle the weather while keeping your baby warm and content.

Consider acquiring or borrowing the following items this winter for your baby:

1) Car Seat Cover (or Footmuff)

There are different types of car seat covers to choose from, depending on the protection/warmth you're looking for. Some, like the JJ Cole Bundleme, act like a cozy sleeping bag for your infant car seat, allowing for the safety straps to come through openings in the fabric. Others act more as a protective barrier, fitting over top of the car seat rather than lining it. Many are designed for extra warmth, like the Skip Hop Stroll & Go, and others are designed to protect from wind and rain, like the UPPAbaby Mesa Rain Shield

2) Stroller Cover (or Footmuff)

Similar to the car seat covers listed above, there are many different stroller covers that act as either cozy sleeping bag or protective shield. Some of the top sellers include: 7am Enfant Polar Igloo Stroller Bunting Bag, JJ Cole Urban Bundleme, and Skip Hop Stroll & Go Three-Season Footmuff.

When my kids were babies we used the JJ Cole Bundleme and loved it. It would work in our everyday stroller and also in the Infant Sling for the Chariot so we could stay active in the winter and bring our babies along for the ride. We also used the integrated plastic rain shield often so our babies could still see out but were protected from the elements and kept warmer. 

Winter Baby Gear

And hey moms, there are even handmuffs if you want some extra warmth on the stroller handlebar this winter! Check out Baby Jogger Plush Stroller Hand Muff.

3) Carrier or Backpack Cover

If you like to wear your baby on a snowy adventure, there are covers available that fit over most soft carriers to provide added warmth, such as the Jolly Jumper Snuggle Cover and the Baby Parka Carrier Coat. Once your baby gets bigger and you'd like to shift the weight to your back, consider a backpack that offers protective accessories like the Thule Sapling Rain Cover or the MEC Happytrails Rain Cover.

4) Babywearing Winter Coat

This is winter gear for mom that provides extra warmth and protection for baby—put your baby in a carrier on your chest and zip up that big winter coat around both of you! There are a few options to consider here: continue wearing your winter maternity coat if it will fit over you and baby, purchase a jacket extender like the MakeMyBellyFit Extender to use with your favorite winter coat, or just borrow an extra big coat from a friend.

5) Baby Balaclava

Practical and super cute, a baby balaclava will help keep baby toasty on the coldest days. If you know someone who knits or crochets put in your request, or check out Etsy online for endless options.

Winter can be beautiful, full of opportunity and inevitable for many of us, so take the time to explore the assortment of baby gear available to help you make the most of it with your wee one. And don't forget to savour the moment of baby's first snow, remember his expression when a snow flake lands on his cheek. Wee & Charming wants to help parents preserve these precious memories with the Baby Charm Blanket. Simply open up the border of the Baby Charm Blanket at the age of your baby and easily mark the first "Snow" with the Wee Charm milestone ribbon. Never forget a special milestone, no matter how chilly, with this cherished keepsake. 

Wee & Charming Baby's First SnowWee & Charming Happy Whales Full Package