Halloween is a unique time of year where young and old get to embrace all things spooky, unleash our suppressed creativity and indulge in lots of chocolate! But for parents with a newborn, Halloween might now be viewed as an event to quickly get through with minimal fuss so we can crawl back into bed.

Have no fear! (Well, actually have some. It is Halloween after all) There are lots of quick and easy baby Halloween costumes you can throw together at the last minute to make it through this busy social time; because undoubtedly your wee one will have at least one Halloween themed playgroup to attend. Also to consider is the photo op of “Baby’s First Halloween”. Personally I did not invest much effort into this milestone, but as my kids grow bigger they’re more and more enthralled with the festivities of All-Hallows Eve. Having a few cute baby photos to show them now would be a special and cherished keepsake. I might have to launch a First Halloween Wee Charm ribbon!

If you need some hair-raising Halloween inspiration, browse through the following Baby Costume Pictures. I’ve compiled this collection based on costumes that require little money and even less sewing skill. You’ve got almost 2 weeks… Go!

Baby's First Halloween Garden Gnome
Garden Gnome

Who doesn’t love a garden gnome? A solid colour sweater, black belt, white beard and red felt hat complete this costume. A big piece of red felt can be purchased at your local craft store and shaped using a glue gun. The beard can easily be made out of cotton balls or the white spider web decoration sold at Halloween. 


Baby's First Halloween Pumpkin

If you want to create your own little pumpkin costume, simply buy a solid orange onesie , orange toque and some felt for the stem and face. Just be careful not to lose your cutie in the pumpkin patch!

Baby's First Halloween Old Lady
Old Lady

This is a great costume idea if your wee one is starting to walk with help! Dress her up like an old lady (or man) using her most conservative clothes, a scarf, vintage looking costume jewelry and spectacles, and a gray wig. A simple DIY wig can be made out of a ball of yarn.

Baby's First Halloween Dinosaur

If you have older children and need to hit the streets for some trick or treating, this is a creative way to tote your baby around. Dress him up like a dinosaur, or any other wild creature, and jazz up your wagon to look like a high security cage. You could borrow a friend’s dog crate or buy some inexpensive wire fencing and just zip-tie it together.


Baby's First Halloween Lobster


This costume idea is fabulous for photo ops, especially if your baby isn’t sitting up on his own yet. Dress him as anything you’d like to eat in soup: a carrot, peas in a pod, or a turkey.

Baby's First Halloween Spider

This creepy crawler is a quick and fun costume idea. Pickup a cheap solid black onesie and some black tights. Stuff the legs of the tights with polyester batting found at your local sewing center and attach them to the sides of the onesie using safety pins or a quick hand stitch with needle and thread.


Baby's First Halloween Cow

Another quick costume to make with a onesie, some felt and a glue gun. This adorable cow has 4 bottle nipples glued to the belly to make an udder.


Baby's First Halloween Scuba DiverScuba Diver

Scuba baby! Transform a water bottle into a scuba tank using construction paper, aluminum foil or electrical tape. Then connect it to his soother with some plastic tubing found at any home improvement store. Add a child’s size pair of swim goggles around his forehead and voila.

If you’d like to create a costume that incorporates your baby carrier (and YOU), check out the following Babywearing Costume Pictures.

Baby's First Halloween Raccoon

This pesky critter costume is a quick DIY because who doesn’t have trash and garbage bags kicking around? The only tricky part is finding a raccoon mask at your local thrift shop or Halloween store. Plan B is to transform your baby into a squirrel, chipmunk or rat using a brown toque and the trusty felt and glue gun.


Baby's First Halloween Fish


Sea Life

Transform an umbrella into an octopus and baby into a little fish, snail, shark or turtle. The great thing about this costume is the umbrella will help shield you from any rain or snow if you’re out trick or treating with older children.


Baby's First Halloween Cupcake



Baby’s so cute you could just eat her up. This costume only requires mom or dad to sport an apron, oven mitts and chef’s hat while turning baby into a colourful cupcake. Bristol board, tissue paper, strips of fabric and pom pom felt balls can achieve this look.

Baby's First Halloween Pot of Gold


Pot of Gold

You found a lucky pot of gold! This costume requires minimal props for the parent and baby can sparkle and shine with some gold fabric or cellophane paper and gold chocolate coins. Find a cheap plastic cauldron and cut it in half to cover the baby carrier.

Baby's First Halloween Popcorn


Try not to eat the popcorn off baby’s head! This is another quick costume that can be put together with a lot of items you likely have on hand. To build the popcorn bag around the carrier simply take a pure white receiving blanket or piece of Bristol board, cut the pointed edges at the top and glue strips of red felt or paper to it. Pop some kernels and glue them to a white or beige toque.

Baby's First Halloween Rabbit


Magician's Rabbit

Abracadabra, pull a baby rabbit from your hat! A black top hat and white gloves will be easy to find, and rabbit ears can be made with a plain headband and white and pink felt.  Add a little cotton tail to the outside of the carrier.


Baby's First Halloween Monopoly Man

Monopoly Man

If you have an old monopoly board kicking around, turn baby into Rich Uncle Pennybags. With only a top hat, mustache and bowtie, your baby will be the cutest on the block (or should I say boardwalk).



There are so many clever and simple baby Halloween costume ideas. Don't fret about limited time, your "everything drawer", craft bin and local thrift shop are great sources for spooktacular quick costumes.