As a new mom, Mother's Day is a very significant event. In addition to the new found appreciation you have for the pain and sacrifice your own mom went through, you expect a little gratitude from your baby (and your partner, of course)! But besides some delightful giggles and spit-up on your shirt, your wee one can't communicate what a wonderful mom you are. This post is about creating a special and unique keepsake, with the help of your baby, which will be cherished forever as a memento of that first Mother's Day.

Baby Keepsakes with Paint

Some of my favourite baby keepsake crafts involve paint on those tiny hands and feet. Parents record developmental milestones like how old baby was when he laughed for the first time or crawled for the first time, but taking a stamp of his precious hands and feet is another common milestone that you're sure to adore looking back on—especially once his feet are bigger than yours! Make sure to choose non-toxic, washable paints for this craft.

Ideas to try: 

baby keepsake handsbaby keepsake lovebaby keepsake hands and feet


Baby Keepsakes with Clay

Another method of preserving your baby's handprint or footprint is by using clay. A simple option is to purchase non-toxic polymer clay, or if you are feeling super crafty, try a homemade clay recipe. Form the clay into the shape of your choice and place it on a cookie sheet covered with aluminum foil. Once you have the impression you want and any text written in the clay, bake it in the oven following the package directions. After the clay cools you can paint it and add any extra flare or function such as ribbon for hanging. 

Ideas to try:

baby keepsake clay plaquebaby keepsake thumbprint necklacebaby keepsake clay bowl

Baby Keepsakes with Cards

When our first child was born, we received close to 100 congratulations cards. Next to a wedding, this life event is usually accompanied by a similar out-pouring of love; it would be a real shame to throw them all in the recycling bin, so make a crafty keepsake! The first image below is what I made with our daughter's cards, a 42"x30" framed montage that still hangs in her bedroom today. Not only is this a priceless art piece we'll cherish forever, but it's a wonderful topic of discussion with your child that demonstrates how much she is loved. 

Ideas to try:

baby keepsake card montagebaby keepsake card mobilebaby keepsake card album